Policy briefings and reports


Megan Bradley (2019) Recognizing Natural Disasters as a Concern for Transnational Justice, McGill University Institute for the Study of International Development (ISID).

Megan Bradley (2019) Resolving Refugee Situations: Seeking Solutions Worthy of the Name, World Refugee Council Research Paper 9. 

Angela Sherwood, Megan Bradley, Rufa Guiam, Lorenza Rossi and Bradley Mellicker (2015) Resolving Post- Disaster Displacement: Insights from the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), Washington, DC: Brookings Institution/International Organization for Migration.

Angela Sherwood, Megan Bradley, Lorenza Rossi, Rosalia Gitau and Bradley Mellicker (2014) Supporting Durable Solutions to Urban, Post-Disaster Displacement: Challenges and Opportunities in Haiti, Washington, DC: Brookings Institution/International Organization for Migration.

Megan Bradley (2012) Displacement, Transitional Justice and Reconciliation: Assumptions, Challenges and Lessons, University of Oxford Refugee Studies Centre Policy Briefing 9.

Megan Bradley, Roger Duthie and Bryce Campbell (2012) Transitional Justice and Displacement: Challenges and Recommendations, Brookings Institution/International Center for Transitional Justice, July 2012.

Megan Bradley (2007) Return in Dignity: A Neglected Refugee Protection Challenge,” University of Oxford Refugee Studies Centre Working Papers 40.

Megan Bradley (2007) “North-South Research Partnerships: Challenges, Responses and Trends,IDRC Canadian Partnerships Working Papers 1.

Megan Bradley (2007) “On the agenda-Development in Practice,” IDRC Canadian Partnerships Working Papers 2.

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